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Welcome to the Ecumen Senior Housing Development Blog

The Ecumen Senior Housing Development Blog will provide insights into a rapidly growing and changing senior housing and services marketplace.

2009-07-06 11:36:00 View
A Continuing Care Retirement Community Experience - A Cost Analysis

Jane Gross, founder of The New York Times' New Old Age Blog, provides interesting experiential insight on the costs of  a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

2009-07-10 10:11:00 View
Is Bigger Senior Housing Better Senior Housing?

Finish reading Is Bigger really better, by Dana Wollschlager, Director of Real Estate Development for Ecumen.

2009-07-16 08:52:00 View
10 Features Senior Housing Customers Value in their Apartment Design

Read more from Julie Murray Director of Real Estate Development for Ecumen. regarding beautiful common areas.

2009-07-23 11:00:00 View
Developing Senior Housing and the Psychological Impact of Interior Design

Ecumen Team Member, Jill Schroeder, Interior Designer, Pope Architects, shares this blog on pyschological design impact.

2009-11-17 08:30:00 View
Recent Trends affecting Senior Housing Design: Aging in Place - Flexiblity and Future Convertibilty

Ward Isaacson, Principal, Pope Architects and Ecumen team member, submits this blog regaring recent trends in senior housing design.

2009-12-30 07:30:00 View
Senior Housing Interior Design....Junk It's the New Black

Jill Schroeder, Interior Designer, Pope Architects shares some fresh ideas for senior housing interior design.

2009-12-23 10:38:00 View
Continuing Care Retirement Communities - What Are They?

Please read this blog from Matt Mullins, Maxfield Research Inc. on senior housing CCRC's.

2010-01-13 11:36:00 View
Senior Housing Remodeling

Aging Seniors Drive New Remodeling Trend, by Dana Wollschlager, Director of Real Estate Development,Ecumen.

2010-02-25 08:06:00 View
Senior Housing Development of Alzheimer’s Assisted Living

A Cure for Alzheimer’s Translates into Future Convertibility of Senior Housing, a blog by Ecumen, Real Estate Development Director, Dana Wollschlager.

2010-03-17 11:45:00 View
Cohousing in a Senior Living Environment

Amy Bursey, Henrickson, submits this link regarding cohousing in senior living.

2010-03-31 09:35:00 View
Senior housing - buyers and sellers

Matt Mullins, Maxfield Research Inc. shares this blog regarding distance moved for seniors.

2010-04-14 09:30:00 View
Assisted Living & Memory Care Groundbreaking Celebration

Continue reading this blog submitted by Dana Wollschlager, Director of Real Estate Development, Ecumen, regarding Tabitha Health Care Services and TEAM Ecumen celebrates the groundbreaking of the new assisted living and memory care community.

2010-04-19 09:49:00 View
“Niche” Senior Housing Communities - Is this the wave of the future, or just another boomer fad?

Read this blog, by Dana Wollschlager, Director of Real Estate Development, Ecumen regarding "Niche" communities.

2010-04-29 08:25:00 View
Senior Housing & Services -More than just a place to call Home. Ecumen's Lifestyle Convenant

Continue reading the blog submitted by Steve Ordahl, Senior Vice President, Ecumen about Ecumen's Lifestyle Covenant.

2010-05-19 08:00:00 View
Senior Housing Memory Care Design and the Impact it has on Emotional Health

Dan Weatherman, Ecumen Team Member and Project Architect, Pope Associates, shares this article regarding Emotional health and Memory Care design.

2010-06-02 11:15:00 View
What is considered standard occupancy in senior housing communities

Matt Mullins, Maxfield Research Inc.,  shares this blog regarding senior housing occupancy rates.

2010-06-14 14:34:00 View
New Ecumen Senior Housing in Maplewood, Minnesota

New senior housing in Maplewood, Minnesota opened by Ecumen.

2010-10-19 08:52:00 View
Multi-Generational Housing Partnership

Ecumen has signed a pre-development contract with Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington to explore the feasibility of multi-generational housing on their campus.

2010-12-08 09:45:00 View
Apple Valley Senior Housing Update

New construction on Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley on track.  Opening Spring 2011.

2010-12-17 10:02:00 View
Not My Grandma's Nursing Home

Great article about generational "changing aging" experiences.

2011-01-06 10:28:00 View
Partnering To Develop Vibrant Communities for All Ages

Ecumen forms partnership with Edward Rose & Sons to develop a 140 unit community in Memphis, TN.

2011-01-11 13:55:00 View
More Senior Housing Choices – So People Can Make Choices

Great article by Dana Wollschlager, Ecumen Director of Real Estate Development!

2011-01-25 11:07:00 View
The Art of Repurposing Existing Buildings into Senior Housing

TEAM Ecumen Architect Ward Isaacson discusses repurposing existing buildings into senior housing.

2011-02-02 09:49:00 View
New Ecumen Senior Housing Development Achieves LEED Certification

New Ecumen senior housing development receives LEED Certification.

2011-02-08 08:47:00 View
Ecumen Discusses Intentional Multi Generational Communities and the Evolution of Senior Living

Always exploring new and innovative ways to honor the interests of older adults, Ecumen's Senior Housing Development team imagines the future of senior housing -- NOT senior housing.  Read more...

2011-02-28 10:55:00 View
New Senior Living Options - Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley opens March 1st

The new Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley will offer 134 well-appointed one-and two-bedroom apartment homes for seniors seeking independent or assisted living, where residents can add a la carte supportive services as they want them.  A memory care neighborhood will feature 14 studio and one bedroom apartments, and will include an enhanced care neighborhood for residents with more intensive care needs. 

“Our goal with Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley is to create a community that is a vital, integrated part of the neighborhood,” said Julie Walton, leader of Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley.  "We're located in the 60-acre Central Village development, a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood that will include a variety of housing, retail, office, restaurant, and other uses."  

Read more in today's StarTribune, or open this article for the full story. 

2011-02-28 13:54:00 View
Senior Housing in Apple Valley's Central Village a Smart Move by City of Apple Valley

City of Apple Valley embraces senior housing in its long-term vision of a health community.

2011-03-01 09:50:00 View
Ecumen Begins Multi-Generational Project

Great article in Leading Age, (formerly AAHSA).   

2011-03-17 14:29:00 View
New Senior Housing by Ecumen in Apple Valley, Minn. Receives Best in Real Estate Award

Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley Receives "Best in Real Estate" award from Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

2011-05-03 10:43:00 View
Ecumen Celebrates Completion of Project in Lincoln NE

Innovative senior housing helps dementia/alzheimer's residents.

2011-05-13 12:58:00 View
Senior Housing Development Helps Community and Economic Vitality

Apple Valley, Minnesota and Maplewood, Minnesota are two communities that understand how aging positively impacts community and economic vitality.

2011-05-25 10:52:00 View
Senior Housing Community Opens in Southwestern Minnesota

Ecumen Prairie Hill Community creates home in Saint Peter, Minnesota

2011-06-13 10:53:00 View
Vision for Future Helped Turn a Corner Apartment Into Home

While spending time in the Apple Valley's Kelley Park, Marlene Dahlgren looked at the empty grass lot zoned for senior housing and proclaimed that someday she’d live there.

2011-06-23 15:58:00 View
Becoming Great From the Inside Out

Senior Housing Developers are continuously looking for the next big thing. Could the key to success come from within by creating a great place to work? Learn more about how employee wellness programs, workplace innovation and the bottom line can work together.

2011-06-28 14:23:00 View
Ecumen Senior Housing Development Leader Interviewed in Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Neal St. Anthony recently sat down with Steve Ordahl, head of Ecumen's senior housing development team to discuss Ecumen's work.

2011-08-09 10:02:00 View
"Not your grandma's nursing home." Indeed!

With attractive senior housing options like Ecumen's Seasons at Apple Valley, it's no wonder that adult children seeking "nursing home" accommodations for their parents are suprised by what's available.  Read more about this trend in senior housing. 

2011-10-03 15:52:00 View
Senior Housing Developers and Builders to Reap the Benefits of the Age Wave

Ecumen has recently completed the construction of more than $72 million (410 Units) of new Senior Housing Communities, as this article published in the New York Times demonstrates that other successful developers and builders that waited for the economy to recover will reap the benefits moving forward.

2011-10-20 09:15:00 View
Is HUD 232 financing worth the struggle?

I recently read a great article about HUD 232 senior housing financing. My industry colleagues and I often talk about HUD financing as a process that feels a lot like beating your head against a concrete wall.

2011-11-16 13:48:00 View
Aging population growing faster than general population

More people were 65 years and older in the U.S. in 2010 than in any other census before. Our aging population is growing at a faster rate than the general population.

2011-12-22 15:17:00 View
Expanding and Improving Senior Living & Services at St. Mark's in Austin

St. Mark's Lutheran Home has closed on financing for a $13.4 million redevelopment and expansion of the Austin senior community campus. Renovation and expansion will add or enhance: assisted living apartments, memory care apartments, short-term rehabilitation services, long term care, occupational and physical therapy, gathering spaces and entryways.

2012-01-17 15:41:00 View
St. Mark's Lutheran Home Holds Groundbreaking for Major Expansion

St. Mark’s Lutheran Home, area business leaders, and families and friends of the senior living community marked the beginning of a year-long redevelopment and expansion with a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, January 27. Ecumen, which manages St. Mark's Lutheran Home, will lead the development of the project.

2012-02-10 10:18:00 View
Senior Housing Communities Developed by Ecumen Win National Awards for Design Approach for Alzheimer's

Two senior housing communities developed by Ecumen were honored this week with national awards for innovative interior design approaches for housing for people with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Read the full article online here.

2012-02-16 15:20:00 View
Not-For-Profit Vs. For-Profit Senior Living - National Experts Lead a Panel Discussion

If you're interested in business models, strategies, or investing in the senior living industry, you won't want to miss the upcoming online conference titled, "The Big Picture: Not-For-Profit Vs. For-Profit Senior Living" on Thursday, March 8th at 1:00 pm ET.  Steve Ordahl, Ecumen's Senior Vice President of Business Development, will be one of the senior living experts leading this panel discussion. 

2012-02-23 15:06:00 View
Ecumen Bethany Community begins $3 Million Expansion

Big things are happening at Ecumen Bethany Community.  Ecumen, a nonprofit senior housing and services company, is expanding senior living and service offerings in Alexandria.  Ecumen Bethany Community recently started a $3 million renovation and expansion project that will improve short-term rehabilitation services and introduce memory care. 

Read the complete story in the Alexandria ECHO Press, or click on the title, above. 

2012-03-01 10:15:00 View
The Growth of Memory Care in Assisted Living Development

The nation is gearing up for an impending “silver tsunami,” and part of that includes making sure senior housing communities are prepared to care for a growing number of seniors with memory impairments.

2012-03-19 09:43:00 View
Housing hot spots - Ecumen featured by Star Tribune

High on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River and I-35E, a construction crew toils away on a 120 unit senior housing community being built by Southview Senior Living and developer John Wall.

Although located in the tiny town of Lilydale, the development takes place in one of the hot spots for senior housing in the Twin Cities -- Dakota County. Southview has developments in West St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights, as well as communities in other parts of the metro.

And Dakota County Community Development Agency manages 24 senior housing complexes with more than 1,300 units, one of the larger senior portfolios in the region. But Dakota County is hardly alone in seeing more senior housing as the region and the nation climb out of a recession.

"Senior housing is one of the darlings of the real estate industry now, along with single occupancy apartments," said Thomas R. Melchior, director of market research at CliftonLarsonAllen LLP. "Projects are being planned all around the Twin Cities. Name a community and there's someone planning to do a senior housing project in it, or right next door."

2012-04-04 11:32:00 View
US sets 2025 goal to tame Alzheimer's

The US says it will seek an effective treatment for Alzheimer's by 2025, as it faces an ageing population and spiralling health costs.

2012-05-15 14:03:00 View
Report: More than half of seniors now use the Web

Now, for the first time ever, more than half (53% ) of Americans age 65 or older now use the Internet or e-mail on a daily basis. Doing so allows many senior citizens to stay connected with friends, find activities that they love to do, and even route their ways to the new doctor's office.

Read the article in its entirity here

2012-06-13 14:44:00 View
Aging Boomers need Health Care Law

(CNN) -- Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on health care reform, the justices have one thing in common, and one thing in common with a growing cohort of Americans: They are aging.

2012-07-23 10:51:00 View
Ecumen Bethany opens memory care, expands short-term rehabilitation

Ecumen Bethany Community offers independent and assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation services, a senior fitness center and community outreach services for Alexandria area residents.

2012-07-20 12:46:00 View
10 Best Cities for Successful Aging

Contrary to popular belief, Seniors want to be active, have fun, and be around others in their retired years. Simply put, they want choices. The question remains, where is the best place to live when it comes to those choices. Read more here.

2012-09-04 14:54:00 View
Heritage at Irene Woods Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Senior Living Community

2012-09-17 16:24:00 View
Emergency Rooms designed for the older set

When you walk into a children's wing at the hospital, it is very evident whom is cared for in those corridors, signaled by bright toys, colorful equipment, and pediatric specialists all around. It is equally important to senior citizens that their specific needs be addressed. Read the article here.

2012-12-17 14:20:00 View
Caregiver lives rerouted yet enriched by aging parents

(CNN) -- As the more than 76 million babies born in the "Baby Boom" of 1946 to 1964 approach and enter retirement, many thought they would finally be driving across the country in that decked out RV or spending more time spoiling the grandkids.

However, with their parents living longer than ever, many boomers have learned that unexpected obligations can cause their retirement plans to veer off-course.

See full article here

2012-12-27 10:48:00 View
Ecumen Opens New Omaha Senior Community

Ecumen, a Twin Cities-based leader in providing senior housing and services, recently opened a new senior living community in Omaha, Neb., that it developed with owner Esprit Memory Care. The project is the first of two third-party build-and-manage projects Ecumen will open in a twelve-month period in new market areas. The second project is located in Memphis.

Esprit Whispering Ridge, which opened in December is located in a growing area on the western edge of Omaha near West Maple Road.

2013-04-16 09:44:00 View